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Thanks to the excellent location of the Hotel San Román de Escalante, you can enjoy a large number of activities and attractions in the surroundings.

Near the hotel, you can visit the nearby beaches of Noja and Santoña, where you can rest and take long walks along fine sand beaches.

If you like adventure tourism activities, you also have a wide variety of offers in the area.

In addition, being very close to the Santoña Marshes Natural Park, another activity that you can enjoy is bird watching, since ornithological tourism is of great importance in this area.


About 5 minutes from the hotel is Santoña, one of the most important fishing villages in Cantabria.
Take a boat route throughout the Bay of Santoña, where they will show you the Faro del Caballo Lighthouse and you can get off in Laredo and spend a few hours exploring it, and then return to the boat and continue the visit again to Santoña.
An essential is the Faro del Caballo Lighthouse where you can make a spectacular route, the panoramic view is well worth it.

You can't miss a visit to a canning factory where you can take a free guided tour, and they will explain all the steps in making anchovies.

Surf lessons

Just 5 minutes from the Hotel are the beaches of Ris in Noja and Berria in Santoña. Both beaches have numerous surf schools, where they teach you to surf from day one.

Evecan Safari adventure

Just 5 minutes from the Hotel in the town of Noja, is Evecan Safari Aventura. Camel or dromedary routes in the middle of nature, in a natural setting where you can see deer, fallow deer, ostriches, llamas, alpacas, reindeer, zebras, buffaloes and other animals.

Boat rental without license

In the town of Laredo, located 10 minutes from the Hotel is the company Puntalea. They offer a rental service to individuals and tourists without the need for specific qualifications, as well as the possibility of taking guided tours.

El Regatón Riding Center

It is located just 10 minutes from the Hotel, in the town of Laredo. They offer horseback riding on the beach.

Canoeing down the Asón River

Just 10-15 minutes from the Hotel, is the town of Ampuero. Several active tourism companies offer 4 different routes adapted to each level.

Guided tours in Alto Asón

Just 15 minutes from the Hotel, is the town of Ramales de la Victoria. In this town, the Red de Cuevas del Alto Asón offers a circuit of guided tours, most of which are accessible to everyone.

Cabárceno Nature Park

Just 30 minutes from the Hotel, is the Cabárceno Park. It is a unique place in Cantabria that offers a surprising world of animals in semi-freedom in a place of great beauty.

In the Cabárceno Nature Park you will find a place to have fun and learn while contemplating the hundreds of animals that it houses in semi-freedom.


Berria beach
It is only 4 km from the hotel. This immense sandy area is known for its almost perfect waves for surfing. In summer there are several schools and surf camps.

Helgueras beach
It is located 5 km. from the hotel and is located in Noja. It is a paradisiacal natural beach located in the natural area of ​​the Marismas de Santoña, Noja y Joyel Natural Park.

Ris beach
It is 6 km away. from the hotel and is located Noja.
It is a long sandy area dotted with islets, which is more than a kilometer long.

Your private space in the middle of nature

Nothing better than a walk through the hotel's forest to relax, while you enjoy a rest with total privacy.

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